We are passionate about creating value for our customers and our role in the future of B2B commerce by disrupting the current thinking.


We have the passion, drive, and know-how.

We are continually challenging the way we think with our customers at the forefront of every discussion. We are passionate about driving solutions to our customers making their lives better.
With each day that passes, we gain even more know-how to achieve this. We humbly thank our customers, partners, suppliers and service providers who have all made our vision possible.

We aspire to redefine B2B commerce for businesses of all sizes.

We believe by making B2B commerce faster, cheaper and freeing up liquidity options, it provides the opportunity for everyone to participate and grow.


Regardless of size, zelo's platform shows what new technology can do and not be constrained by what old technology can't do.

We are developing systems and relationships with vendors and partners, with an ambition to facilitate all types of B2B commerce and ensure payments are simple, secure and smart.

Like all great companies our beginnings are humble, but our ambition, vision, passion and drive to effect change remains as strong as ever. Everyday we believe the journey starts again.

The zelo name​

Our name is what defines us. It embodies the way we work, live and communicate.


Zest (great enthusiasm and energy), Easy (to work with), Listen (our customers, staff and partners) and Open (to new technologies, ideas and approach). 

Our values captured in 4 letters. The 4 most important letters for us.  

The zelo team​

Our team has a relentless drive and focus to helping our customers succeed. We are a proud Australian company, operating out of Melbourne and Sydney.  

We come from a diverse background with over 17+ years of experience in banking & finance, 20+ years in SaaS/software development & 35+ years of travel technology and industry experience, all with a singular goal to help businesses profit from payments.