Rewards for early payments, using existing payment providers adding more value for your customers.


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Specialising in B2B eCommerce Platforms and Multi-Vendor Marketplaces payments.

zelo specialises in making the complicated B2B payment transaction simple through intelligent automation and simple one point API integration for our B2B eCommerce Partners. 

This specialisation and focus help business get paid faster. To read more about the impact of late payments feel free to download the Late Payment White Paper from Xero.


Early Paymens Made Easy

zelo gives your customers the ability to reward their customers for paying early. This drives better relationships and allows them to grow their business.

Building Stronger Relationships.


Early Payments + Payment Gateway Integration

zelo allows B2B eCommerce Platforms the flexibility of choice for their customers through a single integration, one API, unlocking the value of early payment rewards whilst maintaining all the current capabilities of their current payment providers. 

Only zelo Can.


Seamless Customer Experience

zelo can be integrated into existing B2B platforms easily and customised to ensure a seamless and elegant experience for your customers enabling them to be paid faster through offering early payment rewards.

Seamless, Simple, and Easy.

BYO Merchant Options

Your customers can bring their own bank or online merchant facilities to the zelo platform. This capability reduces costs and risks associated with chargebacks for Multi-Vendor Market Place Owners.

We support a heap of different acquiring sources.

More Flexible, Lower Cost.


Multiple Funding Sources One Wallet

With zelo integrated into your B2B eCommerce Platform, your customers can offer the flexibility of accessing and storing multiple funding sources whether that be credit cards or bank accounts in one wallet.


Availability of Options.


Simple One Point Integration

Even though the B2B payment transactions are complex zelo makes it easy for B2B Platforms to integrate with its One Point Integration unlocking the ability to provide early payment reward features.

Secure, Scalable and Simple.


Audit Reporting across all payments from all providers and all methods

Our B2B platform partners have their own portal, which includes full access to reporting, transaction search and download and buyer and supplier status across all payment providers and options.

Increased Visibility, Better Outcomes


zelo's platform is PCI-DSS Compliant allowing our B2B Platform Partners to have the peace of mind they are completely protected from any payment risk.

Best Practice Security.

Partner & Branding Guidelines

zelo has the confidence of businesses, and the leverage the zelo brand incorporated within your platform will ensure a higher level of customer participation. We continue to invest in building trust with our partners and the value of building strong relationships between trading partners.


Frequently asked questions

What is zelo?

Zelo is a full feature payment paltform designed for B2B transactions and is easily intetegrated into B2B eCommerce Platforms and Multi Vendor Market Places. We focus on making the complicated process of B2B payments simple through intelligent automation unlocking the potential value in early payments. One intetgration can provide a myriad of flexible payment options using existing payment technologies such as Stripe and Braintree.

Are transactions secure?

Yes! zelo is PCI-DSS Compliant and follows the highest security and quality regimes possible. Giving B2B eCommerce Platforms and Multi Vendor Marketplaces peace of mind. To learn more please visit https://www.zelopay.io/technology

Can I use existing payment providers

Yes. Existing payment providers such as Stripe, Braintree and PayPal can all be used. Zelo gives the fliexibility to use any of these payment options with easy to integrate API and one universal key for all.

What if my customers want to change payment providers?

Simply change the configuration and zelo takes care of the routing from there. No further techncial resources needed.


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