We understand the challenges you face. 

Our full stack payment modules solves the operational payment challenges you are facing.

Juggling your cash.

You want to pay your suppliers on time, but you are waiting for cash to come in before you can pay them, giving you cash-flow stress. 


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It's costly and cumbersome. 

Making payments is costly, fraught with error and you don't get any financial benefit out of it.  

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Too many invoices, too little time.

So many invoices to check, approve and then pay. It's overwhelming and is causing errors. 


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Receiving chaser phone calls and emails.

Your suppliers are chasing payments, putting stress and strain on you, your AP team and your reputation. 


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Sellers don't offer credit card option.

You have credit lines available but can't use it. You are missing out on points program & interest free periods. 



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Reconciliation and spreadsheets. 

Enough said.



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We understand your challenges so we can deliver an ongoing solution.

By working with our partners and customers and listening to their stories we gain greater insights into their challenges. It is this ability to listen that enables us to deliver ongoing value.

We help you achieve the big picture goals for your business with our payments technology, all on auto-pilot.

Improve margins.

You need to improve your margins but there is only so much you can negotiate without hurting your suppliers.  There is a way. 


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Managing financial stress of your suppliers.

You have some 

suppliers critical to your business. It is your priority to look after them, so you are also looked after. 


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Managing long tail 

supplier payments.

You want to help your long tail suppliers, but the 80/20 rule means it's not worth your investment. 


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Improve your company's financial metrics.

Your KPIs include DPO and GPM targets and finding ways to maximise your off balance sheet funding options.  

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Higher returns on capital.

You have under utilised credit capacity and your surplus cash sits idle, earning low interest rates. You need higher returns

for you and your shareholders

but without taking any 

additional risk. 


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Building brand loyalty and equity.

You are acutely aware of your importance to the economy and the part you play to eradicate late payments. You want to be part of the community solution. 


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Let's work together to make early and on-time payments the new norm.

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