Scaling company profitability and supplier happiness in the construction industry.

In making early payment easy, rewarding (time bound incentives) and a new cultural norm - ZeloPay will
reinstate social contract through sticky behavioural nudges.
This has a tectonic positive commercial and social impact. Particularly in a world where business relationships are increasingly complex and abstracted.


We improve margins and reduce operating costs.


So you can focus on sales.


Improve margins

Add early payment incentive 

options on top of your existing 

volume discount arrangements.   

You and your suppliers can broker early payment 

incentives and boost overall profitability 


(via zelo Matchmaker)


Reduce the cost & stress of late payments

Incentivise and encourage your clients for early payments and collect those payments using zelo.

Fully automated and easy to use.

Turn 30 days Pending, into Paid.


Incentivise & automate

Give your suppliers the option to pay early along with multiple ways to pay.


All relevant invoices can be incentivised for a discount, while receiving extended terms & earning reward points*.

* for card related payments based on the card's T&Cs.


Unlock the potential

Every invoice payment, no matter the size, is an opportunity to save and improve your margin.

With zelo, no invoice will miss out.


Every 1% counts

With current industry margins,

a small percentage improvement in costs & sales, can greatly increase your profitability.

Our early payment and automation capability can contribute.


Easy to connect

Get started without technical integration using our invoice OCR capability.   


A great way to try.

Want to integrate your existing platform?  We have a growing list of integrations. Contact us to explore.

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The economy has now arrived at a point where businesses are not getting paid due to easy access to credit, erosion of relationship equity, a lack of convenience to paying and a culture of late payment.

Late payments are an endemic issue that stems from the fundamental structure of the economic payment process. 


Getting paid on time can be challenging for contractors, especially 

those at the bottom of the payment chain.

Chasing money owed, concerns over handling it properly, the time it takes and anxiety over whether there is potential to damage relationships often makes it feel like more hassle than it's worth. 

So let Zelo find solutions for your peace of mind.

Getting started is simple.


1. Enable Zelo

After you are registered, enable your Zelo credentials in your platform.

3. Zelo Wallet

Set up merchant and bank details in the wallet to receive payments.


2. Configure Zelo

Login to Zelo and configure your early payment settings.


4. Invite & send invoices

Invite your customers and suppliers, so they can make & receive early payment offers on your invoices.

Why join Zelo?

Payment is the lifeblood of construction businesses because performance in any construction activity is dependent on an uninterrupted funds flow. 

Our platform supports your plan

Our platform's flexibility means you have the tools to help your franchise improve profitability and optimise cost and processes.

We are built to support SMEs

Our platform incentivises, automates and brokers early and on-time payments from your customers and suppliers. 

We help you scale your day to day payment processes so you can focus on building relationships.

Simple & transparent pricing

Our simple monthly pricing means no surprises for you or your budget.

Supporting local businesses to make a difference

Being Australian based and with software developed locally,  we love the opportunity to work with other like-minded Australian businesses to solve liquidity & cashflow challenges.


All the features to help the construction community.

Everybody in the construction industry deserves to be paid - Michael Chesterman Helix Legal

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Personalised early payment offers

Only see "matched" early payment discount offers that suit both parties. 


Powered by zelo Matchmaker.

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Invoice Status

Know when an invoice is accepted, paid or rejected.

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Start quickly with BYO facilities

Use your existing accounts, merchant facilities & cards to make and receive payments. 


See our accepted banks here.

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Your suppliers & customers can now track, prioritise & allocate spend against limits & reset dates allowing them to plan ahead and stay in control easily.

Screen Shot 2020-06-09 at 5.31.24 pm.png



One automated process to collect or pay using AMEX, Visa, MasterCard or bank accounts so you & your customers can 

manage it centrally. 

Screen Shot 2020-06-09 at 5.31.24 pm.png


Consolidated invoices and Payment processes connected back for easy reconciliation.