A wallet like no other

Multiple forms of payments and financing options in one digital wallet. Putting you in control of your cashflow and margins like never before.


Release your tied up working capital

Credit card for all your business payments?

Yes, it is possible. Buyers can now pay with credit cards without the seller having their own merchant account.      


It is time to make your credit card limit and points program work for you. 


zelo cards maximizer program.


Maximize your card benefits. 

Our merchant payment facilitation  capabilities means your company purchases can be paid using your credit cards. Even if your sellers don’t currently provide you with credit card payment options*.

*part of the zelo network

Easy seller



Sellers of all size can get paid even without their own merchant facility but continue to receive payment via electronic fund transfer directly from zelo without changing processes.

Interest free periods and points program.


Hold on to your cash longer and take advantage of your credit card interest free period and points program.


Multi-card enabled, major cards welcome.

Load as many of your cards as you like and manage it with the zelo orchestration engine, allowing you to order and maximise your limits automatically. Set it up once and enjoy the benefits. 


zelo auto pay program


Set and forget 

Configure your wallet using the zelo orchestration engine and it will automate the rest, along with enriched data for simple reconciliation.


Hit your financial objectives, one invoice at a time.

Grow without additional headcount


Scale up during growth seasons or scale down during off-peak periods.  Our flexibility means more cost agility for your business. 

One less thing for you to worry about.  

Transform AP into a profit centre


 The complete suite of zelo solutions will completely 

transform your AP function into a profit centre, making it a formidable and vital part of your business. 

Time to start now.


Foreign exchange payments

(coming soon)

Coming soon

zelo early funded payment ("EFP") program (coming soon)


Benefit from your strong balance sheet 

No financials or paperwork


Your exclusive access to the zelo pay network means all the hard work is done for you. It is built into your wallet, ready for you to access*. No manual handling required.

*subject to availability 

Long tail suppliers welcome


Our aggregated portfolio approach means even the smallest of suppliers and invoices can participate without any process burden.

Maximium reach, minimal effort.


Financial metrics   friendly

Off balance financing, helping buyers maintain DPO, reduce DSO for sellers and even reduce leverage ratio whilst injecting cash into the supply chain^.


^subject to your accountant's opinion

Receive supplier discounts with zelo matchmaker and use our zelo early funded payment option to pay. A unique way to leverage return on your balance sheet without using your own cash.



zelo is a PCI-DSS certified payment provider with industry certification for secure online transactions. This means our entire system is built from the ground up to be secure, scalable & reliable, keeping data and transactions safe. 

Learn more about our security.