Getting started is very simple

We continually strive to make your experience as simple and as
rewarding as possible. Here we outline the simple steps to get you going.

Get started in 4 simple steps

1. Connect to us

Register here.


Your details are then uploaded (via us  or an existing approved channel partner), along with your sellers who are invited to join the zelo pay network.

2. Load your zelo pay digital wallet.

Load multiple credit cards, bank accounts and if qualified by zelo, early funded payment methods into our PCI compliant solution. Or start with just one payment method and expand. The choice is yours.


Learn about the wallet

3. Configure your zelo matchmaker. 

Configure your early payment program to match your returns hurdle and available cash flow.


Learn more about the different options we have to help benefit even your smallest suppliers so everyone can benefit.  

4. Set up zelo orchestration.

Program and put your finance and payments on auto-pilot. Our zelo orchestration capabilities help configure the most appropriate payment method to achieve your financial objectives. 

Whether it is to maximise your profit, pay early and preserve your cash, maximise your credit lines or grow your business without additional headcount, we have you covered.  

5. Suppliers receive an invitation.

Your supplier reviews the pre-loaded details verifies banking information and accepts the terms and conditions. 


They are now ready to join the zelo pay Network.  

6. Compliance checks.

zelo undertakes the compliance checks and approves the supplier to join the zelo Pay Network.  

7. Approved, ready for invoices.

Once your supplier is verified and approved to join the zelo Pay Network, you are ready to enjoy the benefits of zelo Pay.