Helping you cooperate on early payments discounting

A new collaborative approach to early payment discounts spanning the entire customer and supplier base.
You will love it and so will your suppliers and customers.

Increase earnings, support your cashflow

and reduce administration

Earn higher returns or get paid early

Use short term cash or working capital facilities to pay approved supplier invoices early, earning a higher return without adding incremental risk.

Suppliers configure their early payment options, knowing they will always be paid early.  Winners all round.

Take control of your cashflow

Easy to understand and easy to use, giving full flexibility for you to use your capital and credit facilities whilst also giving your suppliers access to early payment on demand, without hassles, haggling or onerous paperwork. 

Hands off, no extra work required

No additional headcount or disruptions to your systems are required to generate value for you and your entire supplier base. 

Maximise your cash and credit facilities

Let your bankers and financiers work for you. Take advantage of all your credit limits whilst retaining your cash for longer.


It's 100% compatible with zelo digital wallet, making it simple to implement.

We understand your challenges so we can deliver an ongoing solution.

By working with our partners and customers and listening to their stories we gain greater insights into their challenges. It is this ability to listen that enables us to deliver ongoing value.

Feature rich


Personalisation for sellers

Sellers sets up the maximum discount  they are willing to provide in exchange for an early payment. 


Personalisation for buyers

Buyers sets up their desired return / discount they are willing to accept in exchange to paying earlier. 


Match mode

Zelo applies its matching algorithm to find the optimal points in time where a 'match' of the buyers and sellers preference occurs ​for an invoice to be paid early.


Digital wallet enabled

1 automated process to collect or pay using AMEX, Visa, Mastercard or bank accounts. 


Orchestration enabled

You set your payment rules and the orchestration engine will automate your payment processes.  

Transparent early payment pricing process

Our approach gives transparency to the pricing process of early payments for both buyers and suppliers so both parties are paying and accepting rates that is acceptable for their requirements  
Freedom to choose.

Customisable for your business


Cash and limit allocation

Want to allocate certain amount of cash and limit to your early payment program?

Want to only accept certain amount of early payment offers from your buyers?

Yes you can. Fully customisable for your needs.  


Threshold management

Minimum and maximum thresholds capabilities allowing you to configure early payment discounts based on minimum or maximum invoice amounts and tenor duration putting you  in control.


Gross up capability

The ability for buyers to "gross up" the amount of invoices made available to  suppliers to achieve higher uptake of early payment discount offers. 

(coming soon)



Manage who qualifies for early payment program with our filter management capabilities.

More control, less work.

(coming soon)

Let's work together to make early and on-time payments the new norm.

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