Full automation, without losing an ounce of control

You set the rules, and we will do the rest.​

Put your payables on auto-pilot achieving your financial objectives, one payment at a time. 


Focus on outcomes, not processes


Increase returns on your available capital?   


Preserve or free up your cash? 


Maximise credit facilities?   

Maximise points benefits?

Improve balance sheet ratios?

You set your priority.


Load multiple credit cards, bank accounts and your early funded payments facilities* into the zelo pay wallet.

One place to see and manage.


Depending on your objectives, we will help you set up the rules engine to automate your payments.

You retain full control, so anytime you want to change the rules, you can.


Sit back, monitor and start achieving your objectives, one payment at a time. 

Less doing, more managing the big picture.

Watch it happen 

Set the rules

Load your wallet

Set your financial objectives

Grow your business, not your headcount

Bringing automation to your payments, means managing your growing seller/supplier payments is no longer a process burden. 
No additional headcount required.  
Scale-up & down when you need it.  

Customisable features


Wallet priority

Prioritise your preferred payment methods and within each payment method, the sequential order of card, bank account or early funded* payment facility to use.


(*coming soon)


Budget and limit tracking

Track your budget by allocating pre-determined limit against each item in the wallet to easily track, control and cascade your payment method.


Budget and limit replenishment

Set a time frame for your limit to replenish and reset.  A simple way to control, budget and track your payments.


Smart allocation

Automatically determine what payment methods are applicable and approved for each seller and match that with your rules to find the optimal payment method to achieve your financial objectives. 


Controls built in

Things change. Whether that be seasonal requirements, balance sheet reporting period or a change in your objectives. 


Whatever it is, you are in full control.