Full-stack digital payments for B2B Commerce

Payment capabilities for frictionless processing and effortless access to liquidity for buyers and sellers

Our products

Full stack, modular and filled with capabilities. 

Beneath the simplicity of our products, lay extensive capabilities and networks of relationships to help you benefit from better payments. 

Our modular approach means we can help you assemble the payment solution to suit your business model.

Whether you are after a payables solution or a receivables solution, we can help. 

Improve returns and support your suppliers

Creating a win-win for both buyers and sellers

zelo matchmaker

Benefit from larger uptake of early payment discounts, even down to your long-tail suppliers. You'll love it and so will your suppliers.

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Put your payments on auto-pilot, without losing an ounce of control

Letting you focus on outcomes, not processes

zelo orchestration

You set the rules and it does the rest. Want to pay certain sellers with credit cards or prioritise your payment methods or set limits against your accounts and more?  It is all possible.

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Discover a new type of digital wallet, made for businesses

Putting you in full control of your cashflow and margins

Liberate your payments, with multiple forms of payments and financing options in a new simple to use digital wallet.  

Securely store, manage and use your credit cards, bank accounts, and supply chain finance payment all in one place. 

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Introducing the

zelo pay network

One simple solution for all your business finance and payments 

We have done the hard work with the banks, card schemes and more, so you don't have to.  It's the one-stop network giving you simple access to our pre-arranged finance and payment needs, exclusive to our customers. 

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Peace of mind for you and our network of partners

We understand the importance of security and the need to be focused on this every day, so you don't have to.

Leverage our investment so you can get on with growing your business.

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We understand your challenges so we can deliver an ongoing solution.

By working with our partners and customers and listening to their stories we gain greater insights into their challenges. It is this ability to listen that enables us to deliver ongoing value.


We help you uncover the hidden value in your business

For buyers/payers:

+ Higher profits

+ Retain cash for longer

+ Improve returns on capital

+ Maximise your points benefits

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For sellers/payees:

+ Get paid early

+ Control your rate / cost

+ Know when you will be paid

+ Reinvest for growth


Save money and take away your worries

For buyers/payers:

+ Reduce costly payment errors

+ Automate bespoke processes

+ Remove chaser phone calls

+ Focus AP to drive value

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For sellers/payees:

+ Reduce your bad debt

+ Reduce amount of chaser calls

+ Lower overall cost of finance

+ Enhance reconciliation


Focus on the big picture

For buyers/payers:

+ Hit your financial objectives

+ Forecast your cash flow

+ Track your returns

+ Turn AP into a strategic function

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For sellers/payees:

+ Manage your cash flow

+ Focus on the bigger problems

+ Reduce collections / bad debt risk

+ Achieve your financial metrics

Let's work together to make early and on-time payments the new norm.

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