Introducing micro payments and cashflow options to commercial lease payments with Progenesis

Combining lease administration, early payments discounting, micro-payments and automated payment capabilities to help landlord and tenants adapt and build long term partnerships.

Helping landlords and tenants explore new payment options


Transform fixed lumpy, less frequent invoices into smaller, more frequent invoices. ​

Easier to pay, easier to plan, better for cashflow.​

Encourage future lease payments, today

Schedule and issue lease payments months ahead so tenants can plan, or even take up the option to pay future leases earlier,  in exchange for a discount (via zelo Matchmaker). 

Cashflow options

Our platform makes it possible to now broker discounts & offer credit cards & direct debit in the 1 platform.


Give your tenants the choice to extend terms & earn reward points*.

Adapt to lease changes


Converting minimum rent into percentage rent for 6 months?  Amortising rent payments over a longer duration?

 Whatever the plan,  our payment platform will execute the decision. ​No waiting or delays.

Incentivise tenants 

Encourage your tenants to pay early, receive discounts (with zelo Matchmaker) and earn reward points*.

* for card related payments based on the card's T&Cs.

Connected with Progenesis

Invoice, discounts & payment status are sent back to Progenesis so it's easy to reconcile & stay compliant.

Fashion Store Clerk


Together, we make financial cooperation easy, so everyone wins.

It's about using technology to drive cooperation so the people and communities behind these businesses can thrive and prosper. 

Getting started is simple.


1. Enable Zelo in Progenesis

After you are registered, enable your Zelo credentials in Progenesis.

3. Wallet

Set up merchant and bank details in the wallet to receive payments.


2. Configure

Login to Zelo and configure your early payment settings.


4. Invite & send invoices

Invite your tenants so they can make & receive early payment offers on your invoices.

Why join?

Our platform supports your plan

Our platform's flexibility means you have the tools to execute your lease management strategies so you can adapt to changing market conditions and tenant needs.

We are built to support SMEs

Our platform incentivises, automates and brokers early and on-time payments from your SME customers. 

We help you scale your day to day payment processes so you can focus on building relationships.

Simple & transparent pricing

Our simple monthly pricing means no surprises for you or your budget.

Supporting a local business to make a difference

Being Australian based and with software developed locally,  we love the opportunity to work with other like-minded Australian businesses to solve liquidity & cashflow challenges.

All the features to help landlords & tenants cooperate on lease payments

Personalised early payment offers

Only see "matched" early payment discount offers that suit both tenant and landlord. 


Powered by zelo Matchmaker.

Invoice Status

Know when an invoice is accepted, paid or rejected.

Start quickly with BYO facilities

Use your existing accounts, merchant facilities & cards to make and receive payments. 


See our accepted banks here.


Your tenants can now track, prioritise & allocate spend against limits & reset dates allowing them to plan ahead and stay in control easily.



One automated process to collect or pay using AMEX, Visa, MasterCard or bank accounts so you & your tenants can manage it centrally. 


Consolidated invoices and Payment processes connected back to Progenesis for easy reconciliation.

About Progenesis

Progenesis is Australia's #1 Lease and Property Management Software.  It is an all in one lease management system with full accounting suite including IFRS16 module.  


Progenesis is the top commercial Lease and Property Management software supplier in Australia and also the largest Australian-owned supplier of commercial property management software.

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Let's work together to make early and on-time payments the new norm.

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